YouTube Income Report: February

This year I’m trying to grow my YouTube channel and will keep a monthly progress journal on this webpage.

The channel in question is Japanese Journey, which I started in September 2016.

The month of February has passed for quite some time now, so let’s look at what happened in that month.


Without further ado, here are January’s numbers:

YouTube performance for January

Comparison to last month

7 -> 1 upload

66.3K -> 53.2K views

2.7K -> 2.3k hours of watch time

216 -> 244 new subscribers 

¥14,282 (~$130) -> ¥13,809 (~$127) of revenue

In February I was sick for about 1 week each in the beginning and end of the month, which had a big impact on my upload schedule, which again showed in the overall performance of the channel.


Best performing videos overall

Just like last month, none of the videos I created this year was in the top 10. This means none of my newer videos was able to get more than 705 views in February.

Top performing videos February

Last month’s video

Last month, I published only one video, Saving Money in Japan

With only 2.5% CTR and 541 views, it is safe to say it wasn’t a great hit.

With a length of 18:20 minutes, it’s the longest video so far on the channel and, as expected, outperformed other videos when it comes to average view time, which was 6:16 minutes (34.2%).


Subscriber engagement

Releasing new videos increases subscriber engagement and vice versa. Accordingly, engagement fell in February:



The biggest takeaway from this month is, that I need a solution for times when I can’t upload consistently for whatever reason.

To address the issue, I will create a backlog over the next weeks. Having about 2 videos prepared, so that I can release them if I need to fill some gap, like when I’m sick, going on vacation or don’t have time for any other reason.

This of course means I will have to shoot some timeless content for these videos, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

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