Video series: Moving to Japan

Since I get approached by more and more people asking how they can move to Japan, I decided to create a video series answering the following four questions, in one video each:

  1. Should I move to Japan?
  2. How can I get a visa?
  3. How can I find work in Japan?
  4. How can I find an apartment?

Currently the first two videos are published, you can take a look at them below.

Part 1: Should you move to Japan?

The foreign culture, reaching back thousands of years, its delicious food, the mixture between futuristic technology and traditional craftsmanship are just some of the things that make japan so appealing.
But what are the right reasons to take this large step and move to an other country, far away from your home and social environment? How will you enjoy living in Japan and is Japan really all about anime, cosplay, high tech, tradition and martial arts?
Find out in this video.

Part 2: How to get a Japanese visa

A lot of people dream about moving to Japan one day.
The one thing you will always need if you want to do this, is a visa. But how to get one and which one to chose? Worry not! Watch the above video and find out
➤ about the most common visa
➤ how to get them
➤ how to save €3,759.29 when visiting Japan

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