How to survive in Japanese bathrooms

Learn how to use (and survive) Japanese bathrooms.

While Japanese toilet seats are wildly known and popular. It is often overlooked however, that Japanese bathrooms are different from their western counterparts as well. Find out where the differences are and learn about the technology you should have in mind when visiting a Japanese bathroom by watching this video.

2 thoughts on “How to survive in Japanese bathrooms

  1. Don’t kill yourself 🙂

    Could you continue your series also with one or two videos showing japanese daily lifes. work, family etc. or maybe just an “ordinary” japanese day?
    What do japanese people do in the evening? (if there is free time of course). Whats the most famous sports, music (is karoake still done by everybody?)


    1. Not yet Alex, not yet.
      The more I think about it the more I get the feeling this could be really interesting as a slower paced documentary video, in the range of about 30 minutes. This won’t happen in the next weeks however. Spoiler: Karaoke is still everywhere. Same as pachinko.
      The next video, coming on Thursday evening Japanese time, will be about Engrish or Japanglish (click here to get an idea of what I mean) and next week probably “7 questions answered you didn’t know you had about Japan”, “Saving money in Japan” or something completely different.

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