Behind the brand

My name is Johannes, I am the creator behind the YouTube channels Japanese Journey and Jopan

For years I wanted to make merchandise articles for my YouTube audience. From the beginning, I new it had to be two things:

  1. Designs that speak to me. Not just some standard design or smart message, but something that is actually individual and representative of what the channel and I stand for.
  2. The products would have to be eco friendly. Be it 100% organic cotton, recycled plastic, or otherwise bio degradable products.

After a long time, I was finally able to tick these two boxes:

I found a Japanese calligraphy artist who provided a simple design, representing the calmness of being in nature, alongside the sense of exploration that comes with it.

I was also able to find a provider that creates 100% organic t-shirts, with non-toxic color. On top of that, the quality is on par with my understanding of what a good garment should feel like.

With that, finally, I'm able to share with you this store, offering you a few hand-selected and tested products that I believe you will enjoy.